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Guy Benjamin School

Update: In October, 2015 the Partnership signed an agreement with the Virgin Islands Department of Education (DOE) under which the Partnership will collaborate with DOE to open a community resource center on the site of the former Guy Benjamin School to support nonprofit activities that benefit the community. Special emphasis is placed on activities that develop and empower the youth of St. John. The Partnership is currently assessing needed repairs to partially reopen the facility as well as a longer term plan for full use. In recent weeks a number of meetings have been held with community groups, nonprofit entities, potential partners and government officials to create a better understanding of needs and issues.

Strategy: The Partnership strategy is to identify those activities with the highest potential to benefit the community. Emphasis will be placed on activities that can demonstrate the ability to manage and operate the programs to ensure effectiveness and to demonstrate the financial resources that will be crucial in creating long term success. Thus far the Partnership has heard a variety of needs and frequent mention has been made of vocational education, early literacy and development, computer related activities including music and video, group meeting areas and a number of others.

Operations: The Partnership is partnering closely with the Virgin Islands Department of Education in each phase of its work to ensure that DOE's goal of benefitting the islands through strong public/private initiatives.

Input: The Partnership is seeking broad based input from the community and has provided forms on this site for entities and individuals to be heard.

  • Address Needed Improvements
  • Enact New Initiatives
  • Build Strong Community Relations
  • Educate The Community
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