Partnerships In Hope - St. Johns, US Virgin Islands

Our Approach.

To work with and support people, organizations, churches and programs that are committed to helping build a better community on St. John.

We will work to identify needs, initiate programs for improvement and take action by and through providing resources, volunteers, professional services, fund-raising and anything else that is deemed necessary for the entire community's seccessful growth and development.

We are not another "group" offering false promises, unwanted or unsolicited advice, or demands, and we will not supplant any existing organizations, groups, people or activities currently in place on St. John. It is our intension to provide 'behind-the-scenes' help and support, when it is wanted and needed.

  • Address Needed Improvements
  • Enact New Initiatives
  • Build Strong Community Relations
  • Educate The Community
Our Approach
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Partnerships in Hope-St. John , USVI , Inc.

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