Partnerships In Hope - St. Johns, US Virgin Islands

We Are On A Mission.

Our Mission is to strive to cooperate with other supportive organizations making the hope for better tomorrows a reality today, on St. John, US Virgin Island.

Partnerships in Hope - St. John will empower existing organizations to acheive their goals by using some of these Values & Principles:

  • Always Have Our Children’s Needs As A Priority
  • Only Offer Help Where It Is Wanted & Needed
  • Assist in Providing Resources
  • Recognize Trust Between All Partners Is Essential
  • Work To Earn That Trust With Open, Honest Dialogue
  • Participate And Provide Input To Ensure Success
  • Learn From Past Mistakes To Provide Future Success
  • Constantly Monitor, Measure And Adjust Our Efforts
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Partnerships in Hope-St. John , USVI , Inc.

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